Leaving your dog in a hot car is now illegal in most states



Picture this….it is a hot summer day, you are out and about running errands and you start walking to your vehicle and you see a dog in a parked car with no owner. What do you do?

Even if the windows are cracked, the temperature in the car can increase within minutes. 



This has become such an issue that 22 states have made it illegal to leave a dog in a car unattended. Below is a link to show you which states are banning it and how much you can possible be fined for it.




Dogs are especially vulnerable to heat-related illness because they can only cool off by panting and through the pads in their feet. People might think that their dog will be okay if the windows are cracked but in reality, studies show that this has little effect on a car’s internal temperature.

Below are signs that a dog may be suffering from a heat related illness:


·        *Excessive panting

·         Excessive drooling

·         Increased heart rate

·         Trouble breathing

·         Disorientation

·         Collapse or loss of consciousness

·         Seizure

·         Respiratory arrest



What to do if you see a distressed dog in a hot unattended vehicle:


·         If the dog looks distressed (see above signs of heat-related illness), call the police, the local animal control agency or 911 right away.

·         Leave your name and phone number with the person who takes the call in case the responding officers need more information.

·         Go inside the nearest business(es) and ask the manager to make an announcement.