Everything you need to know about taking care of your dogs

Us owners have a big responsibility when it comes to taking care of our dogs. Since theycannot care for themselves they rely on us for everything such as: feeding them, giving them water, bathing them and giving them Love. It pretty much is like having a kid, except the only difference is, they have a tail and a furry body.If you have a full time job, and a family at home the last thing you feel like doing after a long busy day is walking your dog. But dogs need exercise daily. It’s things like this that you have to make sure you are doing on a daily basis even when you are feeling tired and exhausted.If you are a first time owner and have absolutely no clue how to take care of a dog, I have listed some basic information for you to read through to help you get a better idea of what dogs need on a regular basis.


Step 1:

Spend quality time with your dog. Dogs need to know that they are loved by their owner. It isn’t hard to take just a few minutes every day to snuggle up with your pup and give them kisses. Everyone can do it. It doesn’t take a special skill or a special person to show their dog love so make sure you do this regularly. I know for me, every time I walk in the door after being gone all day my pups welcome me by jumping on me and giving me kisses when I pick them up. So it isn’t hard for me to want to lie down on the floor with them and give them a bunch of kisses back.


Step 2:

Visit the veterinarian regularly. It is important to take your dog to the vet so they can do a physical exam on a yearly basis just to make sure they are healthy. If you want to prevent certain diseases and rabies you may want to consider getting them vaccinated.

Step 3:

Feed your dog a healthy well balanced food. Most people don’t know how important a dog’s nutrition affects their health. There are so many commercial brand food products out there and it is hard to figure out which one is the best. To play it safe, just feed them a human grade well balanced diet. There are so many preservatives in kibble and canned food that make a lot of dogs sick and sometimes they end up needing to be hospitalized. How I think of it is, if us humans were to eat potato chips and candy and fried food every single day, we eventually would end up getting sick too…..it’s the same philosophy for dogs. If we eat well, so should our pets.

Step 4:

Always give your dog’s toys to play with. With so much going on in our lives on a daily basis it is impossible to give them 100% of our attention. It is always a good idea to go to the pet store and buy them a toy that will keep them occupied while we are busy or away. Just make sure it is a good size for your dog that way you don’t have to worry about them choking on it. Also make sure that they are good quality. They will be more expensive but they will be safer for your dog. So skip your Starbuck’s drink this week and use that money towards a new toy for your pup!


Step 5:

Provide basic dog training for your dog. If you just brought home a puppy and it is making a mess of your house or doing things he/she shouldn’t be doing its probably time to get them trained by a professional. You can look up professional trainers on the internet or call a veterinary hospital to see if they have any recommendations for you.


Step 6:


Take them out for a daily walk. Just like us, dogs needs exercise on a daily basis. It is good for their overall health and keeps them from becoming obese which can cause major health issues in the future. So whether it’s a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a nice hike up the hills, make sure you exercise your dog regularly, it also keeps us in shape too! So it’s a win win for everybody.