Pet proofing the house for the holidays


Christmas is right around the corner! Time for Presents under the tree, candy cane shaped cookies and carolers singing at your front door step. We get so busy decorating the house and baking goodies for the family that we don’t have time to worry about Max picking things up off the floor like ornament hangers  and eating them or getting on top of the counter and snatching those yummy chocolate frosted Christmas tree cookies that you just made.

However, incidents like these can cause your pup to get super sick and most likely will result in a trip to the nearest animal hospital.  So it is always best to dog proof the house of anything that can cause harm to your furry friend. Below are some tips to successfully doggy proof your home:


-Raise the Christmas tree so it’s not low to the ground

Although Christmas trees are generally safe for dogs and cats, the pines can cause a laceration in the eye if the pet happens to walk into it and the sap from the tree can cause a mild stomach upset which may bring on vomiting and or diarrhea.


-Don’t use the dangerous stuff

Ribbons, yarn and tinsel can be extremely dangerous if ingested by your pet. It can wrap around their intestines and more than likely will result in surgery to remove it. If you absolutely have to use these products, make sure they are inaccessible by your pet and that they are securely fastened onto whatever you are using them for so they can’t fall on the floor.


-Take advantage of crates

It is always a good idea to crate your pup during the holidays especially when you are not home and the house is full of Christmas decorations. Even when you are home, it’s nearly impossible to watch your dog 24/7 to make sure they don’t get into anything. If you are not a fan of crating maybe lock them in the bedroom while you are gone.


-Conceal Electrical cords

Make sure to conceal all electrical cords in the house. If your pet decides to chew on them like a toy, it can result in a burned mouth and electrical shock.


 -Keep pets away from chocolate

We have all heard it….chocolate is one of the most toxic foods to dogs. So make sure that your holiday treats that call for this yummy ingredient are kept in a spot where your dog is unable to get to it. Signs that your dog probably ingested chocolate are: Vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rates and or seizures.


-Be safe and buy non-toxic

Use silver duct tape in place of ribbons, 100 percent nontoxic native trees in place of pines and recyclable paper ornaments. Sure, paper isn't as shiny, but it’s classy — and one less thing to tempt pets.