Estrella Veterinary Hospital is proud to now offer low cost spays and neuters.

posted: August 06, 2012 by: EVH Tags: "Clinic Specials"

We will continue to practice the same high quality medicine we have always offered using state of the art equipment, now at clinic prices. We feel the pet's care is most important and especially in these economic times, an owner should not have to choose between care and cost. Both procedures include IV catheter, fluids to keep them hydrated, anesthesia, a pain injection, and a therapeutic laser treatment on the surgery site for faster healing, an e-collar and pain medicine to go home. We also practice the very best monitoring your pet's vital signs while anesthetized. This includes checking their blood pressure, EKG, maintaining their temperature, monitoring respiration, heart rate and pulse, as well as oxygen saturation. A complimentary overnight stay is included, where they are kept comfortable and rechecked first thing in the morning.

At Estrella we feel pre-anesthetic blood work is extremely important and highly recommended, so we offer a 30% discount. We have our prices listed below as well as some additional services effective with the spays and neuters. If you have any further questions or wish to set up an appointment, please feel free to call us at your convenience.

Recent doctor exam and up-to-date vaccines are always required for surgery.

Cat Spay - $142.00 (no additional charge for cats in heat)
Cat Neuter - $108.00
Dog Spay up to 20 lbs. - $169.00
Dog Spay 21-40 lbs. - $192.00
Dog Spay over 40 lbs. performed with the laparoscope - $364.00-$416.00 (determined by weight)                                      

Dog Neuter up to 20 lbs. - $130.00
Dog Neuter 21-50 lbs. - $169.00
Dog Neuter over 50 lbs. - $192.00
Additional Services with Spay and Neuters

In-Heat (additional) - $57.00

Cryptorchid Inguinal (additional) - $57.00
Cryptorchid Abdominal (additional) - $113.00

Hernia Repair (additional) - $57.00
Blood work (day of surgery) - $102.20 (reg. $146.00)
Blood work (prior to surgery) - $70.70 (reg. $101.00)